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Introduction of Districts

4차 메뉴 정의
Daegwang Beach

Imja-myeon, Shinan-gun

Imja-myeon with long and beautiful sandy beach

Entire Imjado is formed with sand dunes and after sea breeze over mudflat blows harshly, mountains as well as fields are covered with sand. Here and there in the island, there are big puddles containing water that the islanders call 'water chi' or 'sand chi' and mysteriously, it is said that they are oasis made by the water soaking into the sand falling to one side.

Sinan Tulip Part

Sinan Tulip Part

Yongnan Cave

Yongnan Cave

Jeonjangpo Port

Jeonjangpo Port

According to geologists, the topography of Imjado is similar to that of desert in the Middle East and thus, people from the land call Imjado as Korea's only desert. Imjado is located in the far-north of Shinan-gun, 90km away from Gwangju, 66.6km away from Mokpo, 12 km away from Jido Jeomam (longitude 126。5" east and latitude 34。5" north). It faces eastward to Jido-eup, southward to Jaeun-myeon, and northward to Nakwol-myeon, Youngkwang-gun across the sea.

In the past, it was difficult to come and go because it took 6 hours by ship to Mokpo but after bridges were built between Haeje, Muan and Jido, Shinan and metal cargo vessles run between Jeomam, Jido-eup and Imjado, now, it became more accessible by a car for a day trip. Daekwang beach in the back of Daegi-ri and Gwangsan-ri, 5km away from the dock is the longest beach in Korea and known for the vast and clean beach.

The sandy beach is 12km long and 300m wide. From one end of the beach to the other, it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes on foot and 30 minutes by bicycle. The horizon looking across the wide sandy beach is so lyrical and beautiful. Because of the beautiful scenery, Daekwang beach was designated as a national touristic spot in 1990 and is equipped with showers, parking lots and other convenient facilities.

Until 2001, 17 billion KRW was spent on the intense development of the area. Along with Myeongsashipri of Bigeumdo, Chupo of Amtaedo and Simok beach of Dochodo, it is listed as 4 grand beaches in Shinan.

Imjado is famous for salted shrimp as well as Daekwang beach. Jeonjangpo at the northern tip of Imjado represents Korea's salted shrimp. The white shrimps living in the dust sand of jeonjangpo are pretty in color and size is like that of dust sand. Jeonjangpo produces 1,000 tons of shrimps a year, 60% of the national catch of shrimps for pickle. Especially, the fat shrimps caught in May and June in Jeonjangpo are called 'Ohjeot' and 'Ukjeot' respectively and are very tasty.

In the behind of Jeonjangpo village and at the foot of Solgae mountain, there are 4 horseshoe-shaped cave tunnels that are 102m long, 2.4m high and 3.5m wide. These are used as storage for salted shrimps and the stored salted shrimps are sold at an expensive price during Kimchee-making season.

For fishing spots in Imjado, Barammak, Seomtari, Okdo, Galdo, Eomeori, etc. are famous and sea basses, snappers, and eels are well fished.

Specialties: sea bass, snapper, croaker, pomfret, trout, large-eyed herring, octopus, flounder, rockfish, eel, and laver (seasoned laver and roasted laver)