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Introduction of Districts

4차 메뉴 정의
Daegwang Beach

Jaeun-myeon, Shinan-gun

Generous Jaeun-myeon with benevolent land

Exotic and beautiful sea is spread and can be seen at the extensive sand field of Baekgil beach. Along the coastline of more than 3km, fine sandy beach is stretched endlessly and the water depth is shallow.

Boongye Beach

Boongye Beach

Boongye Pine Tree

Boongye Pine Tree

Baekgil Bathing Beach

Baekgil Bathing Beach

During Imjin war against Japan, Dusachun, a Chinese, fled to Jaeundo by being accused of rebellion and as a gratitude for saving his life in the difficult times, he named the island as Jaeundo and the first known resident in this island was Mr. Seok.

Exotic and beautiful sea spreads and can be seen at the extensive sand field of Jaeun Baekgil beach.

Along the coastline of more than 3km, fine sandy beach stretches endlessly and the water depth is shallow. Other than Baekgil beach, there are 8 other beautiful sandy beaches of Sawolpo, Bungye,-myeonjeon, Shinseong, Yangsan, Naechi, Daeseom, and Dunjang in Jaeundo, which serves as the optimum condition for summer vacation.

In the past, due to the long-hour trip via ship, not many visitors came here but since Eunam bridge connecting Amtaedo and Jaeundo was opened, many vacationers have been visiting endlessly. The sunset from the Eunam bridge is superb. Along with Baekgil beach, Bungye beach is also a favorite spot for vacationers and Chilbaldo famous for habitat for migratory birds is right in the frontal sea and a colony of old pine trees in the surroundings are also spectacular.

Jaeundo, relatively affluent of daily necessities (fish, salt, firewood & water) among islands, used to be a leading rich town in Shinan-gun. Even today, the income level and living standard are very high and it seems that the affluent resources make people more generous and kindhearted.

The origins of toponyms handed down by word of mouth in this town remind of Jaeun people's warm heart and the town's generosity. In the center of Jaeundo, there stands 363.8m high Dubong mountain, which is rare on an island. Around Dubong mountain, paddies/fields spread extensively and contribute to the sufficiency of the residents' lives. Especially, Jaeun-myeon is nationally famous for its garlic. The garlics grown in the good soil and with the influence of sea breeze are famous for the excellent quality. The pouring water from springcoolers over the garlic fields covering the entire island is one of the spectacular scenes you can see in Jaeun.

The tasty cherry tomato is Jaeun's specialty. Along with garlic, the tasty cherry tomato has emerged as a new source of income. In addition, the only offshore fishery of Jaeun-myeon is the frontal sea of Sawolpo which is a good place for shrimping like Jeonjangpo of Imja-islan. Up until 20 years ago, it was a busy place and even seasonal fish markets were opened out in the sea. Currently, it is not as good as it used to be, but still shrimps, pomfrets, and gangdal fish are caught well and in summer, Sawolpo dock is busy with fishing boats.

More accessible to the land with the opening of Enam bridge, Jaeundo has several specialties and potential tourism resources and is emerging as a central island in the southwestern sea area.

Specialties: garlic, cherry tomato, chestnut sweet potato, green onion, etc.