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Introduction of Districts

4차 메뉴 정의
Town of salt, Shineui-myeon

Shineui-myeon, Shinan-gun

Town of salt, Shineui-myeon

It is composed of 5 inhabited islands and 30 uninhabited islands and the coastline runs 87km long. Sangtaedo and Hataedo in Shineui-myeon are connected by left/right banks and there are less farmland and more salterns. The area from north to south has a shape of half-moon. Salterns in Shineuido produce the largest amount of salts among the salterns in Shinan. There are also many vinyl greenhouses cultivating green peppers.

As cultural heritage of Shineuido, there are Sangseo dolmens, the Local Material of Shinan-gun No.4, and in the mountain located in the back of Sangseo 4-ri village, 50 graves estimated to be dolmens from Bronze Era are placed from the bottom to the middle of the mountain and they are estimated to be a group grave in the old days.

Other remains are An Mountain fortress site, the Local Material of Shinan-gun No.13. It is a mountain fortress located in An Mountain, Sangtaeseo ri and used to be Dondae defense area of Namdopojin (Namdong ri, Imheoi-myeon, Jindo). The height of the fortress is 15~30m and the circumference is 400m. In the south and the west, there are steep slopes in the bottom of the mountain and in the east and the north. There are gentle slopes with small peaks. The circumference is 400m and estimated to be built by using flagstone-type natural stones.

Specialties: salt, pepper, etc.