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Palgeum-myeon, Shinan-gun

Palgeum-myeon, Shinan-gun

A beautiful island, Palgeum-myeon that has 3-layer stone pagoda

Palgeumdo is located in the southwestern part of Korea and 24km away from Mokpo. It faces east to Aphae-myeon across the sea west to Bigeum-myeon south to Anjwa-myeon and north to Amtae-myeon.

The residents of Palgeumdo are very gentle and generous and it is an island that people want to visit one day. The main business is rice/barley and with the cultivation of garlics and lavers and the collection of lugworms, the residents are making money and big white shrimps are produced as specialties.

Eup/ri has a 3-layer stone pagoda and the body was formed on the base and a frost ring decorated the top. This is a general-type of stone pagoda estimated to be built in the late Koryo era and was designated as Regional Tangible Cultural Asset No. 71 on September 22, 1978. It is 2.3m high and 3m circumference in 662㎡ area and built with square-shaped granite. On the base, only corner stones on both sides are left and the central stone is missing. The top area has 1 top stone and 1 roof stone and overall, it is stable. The base of roof stone has 4 layers in each stratum. The roof stone is a bit thick and avoids being dull by inverting the tips of eaves of the tilted sides.
It is said that nationwide, the similar construction styles are found with the 5-layer stone pagoda in Wolseong Nawon ri, Hyeonkok-myeon, and Janghang ri, Yangbuk-myeon, Gyeongju-gun and the 3-layer stone pagoda of Guhang-dong in Hwangbok temple in Nangsan.