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Gray Salt

Considering the fact that most of the saltern was earthplate only 15~20 years ago, there were reasons why the earthplate saltern reduced or even disappeared. The reasons were heavy labor, the same price contrast to the general linoleum salt, low productivity, etc.

Earthplate salt requires heavy labor from saltern workers to run the saltern. To increase the quality of the Gray salt and the productivity, rollers have to be rolled every day to harden the ground and on such hardened ground, the condensed sea water is added and kept for one or two days until the white Gray salt is collected. Even in collecting the salt, the heavy wooden T-shaped stick has to be used to push the salt toward one direction for collection and then, drag it again with the heavy wooden stick, which is such time-consuming and labor-intensive work. In the saltern with the PVC linoleum, the roller-work is gone in terms of labor consumption and the collection of salt on the linoleum is done in a short time with the rubber stick (the wooden handle with the rubber plate), which saves a lot of labor compared to the work in the earthplate saltern.

In addition, the gray salt did not sell at higher prices in the past but these days, the earthplate salt is sold at higher prices through the direct sale with the earthplate salt enthusiasts. In the past, 'the white salt' was more popular because it was thought to be rather a new product, so that the less white earthplate salt was less popular than the linoleum salt. As seen in the picture above, unlike the linoleum salt, the earthplate salt has the brownish color, which gives a misconception of being dirty. However, these days, the health-conscious people notice that such brownish color reflects the nutritions from the clean mudflat and pays attention to the earthplate sea salt.

Finally, in terms of production quantity, with the earthplate saltern, rolling the earth to harden is an essential part of the work and after it rains, the earthplate should be dried and then, a certain degree of hardness should be maintained to be able to add the condensed salt water to the salt plate. In case of the linoleum saltern, because of the shortening of the process, after it rains, salt water can be added at any time and thus, production quantity increases. In addition, the evaporation field is covered with the black linoleum and thus, the evaporation quantity increases and the salt output increases. As the natural salt fields disappeared when the saltern appeared, the earthplate saltern disappeared all of a sudden.