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It is a rare halophyte grown by absolving salt, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and all kinds of minerals and it grows in a flock on the rocks touched by sea waters such as in the West Coast or around mudflats. It contains potassium 3 times more than oyster, calcium 7 times more than milk and iron 40 times more than laver and kelp. It grows up absolving all kinds of minerals such as melted salt in the sea waters, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, etc.
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(pill, powder,
extract, & soap)
1kg, 500g
(freeze-dry/natural dry)
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  • Dasarang, Co., Ltd. : 061)262-3355, 010-8966-3366
  • Angel Island Hamcho : 061) 271-8900, 011-442-2020
  • Daeshin Hamcho : 061) 262-0027, 017-631-0027

Traditional pastes and sauces

These are made with 100% authentic domestic beans grown in the eco-friendly farming method in clean Shinan and 100% Shinan Sea salt. These are the fermented food keeping the traditional taste and were made by using the hygienic and traditional paste/sauce-manufacturing method and with the natural fermentation and aging
Traditional pastes and sauces
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Traditional pastes and sauces
(soybean paste,
fast-fermented bean paste,
block of fermented soybeans,
red pepper paste,
  • Hamchowon: 061)275-1565, 279-1568 / www.hamchowon.co.kr
  • Shinan Nongsan Agricultural Management Associative Co. : 061)271-4090, 010-2991-4090
  • Jido Naeyang Green Farming Town Experience Agricultural Management Association : 061)261-2629
  • Slow Food Agricultural Management Co. : 061)271-5011, 011-640-5011

Shinan Sea Salt

Shinan Sea salt is produced in blessed natural conditions ..in the mudflat of clean Shinan, which is one of the world's top 5 mudflats, with clean seawaters and proper amount of sunshine and its usages and effects are limitless.
Shinan Sea Salt
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Shinan Sea Salt Dept. of Sea Salt Industry, Shinan-gun (061) 240-8347~8

Salted seafood

Shinan-gun is widely faced with the sea and since a lot of seafood is available, there are so many different kinds of salted seafood. The fisheries caught in the seawaters of Shinan-gun are salted with Sea salts, so that they taste clean and the flesh taste unique. There are salted shrimps, salted clams, salted anchovies, salted oysters, salted herring eggs, salted crabs, etc.
Salted seafood
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Salted seafood Dept. of Maritime Fisheries, Shinan-gun (061) 240-8908~8910

Shinan Iksu Seonokgo

It is made in the traditional method introduced by Jun Huh's Dongeuibogam in Sukok ri, Amtae-myeon, Shinan-gun, which is a warmhearted and beautiful island.
Jinsang, Sangjihwang, Baekmil, and Baekbongryeong are boiled down for several days and become the sticky state and that is Iksu Seonokgo.
Shinan Iksu Seonokgo
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Iksu Seonokgo Year-round Chamdown (061) 271-2722, 010-9975-4187