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Gyeongsan si, Gyeongbuk

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  • Information
    • City Tree: Ginkgo
    • City Flower: Magnolia
    • City Bird: Magpie
  • The exchange of the letter of intent on the favorable exchange of friendly relationship: July 16, 1998
  • Ceremony of becoming sister cities: Sept. 15, 1998
Gyeongsan is an important city located in the southeast of Gyeongbuk. It was the capital of Abdokguk in the old days that had splendid cultural blossom, an outpost of the unification of three states and a historic town where 3 sages were born; Saint Wonhyo, great master of Buddhism, Master Seolchong who created Idu Characters and Great Monk Ilyeon who wrote the Heritage of Three States. In addition, it is a research and academic city that holds 13 colleges including Youngnam University with about 130,000 students and an industrial city that holds about 1,400 small & medium companies in Jinryang Jain industrial complex, etc. with about 30,000 hardworking workers.

Progress Result

For the harmony of East and West between Youngnam and Honam and the promotion of friendly relationship between the self-governing bodies, since September 15, 1998 when two self-governing bodies made the sister relationship, two cities have regularly invited soccer play social groups for friendly soccer games, sold each other's regional specialties of agricultural & fishery products through direct sales, and had teenagers and women's groups visit each other actively.

  • Both cities visited each other on each other's citizen's day.
  • Public servants exchanged their work places.
  • Invitational event of teenagers
  • Public servants' social soccer group was invited for soccer games.
  • Sales of specialties
  • Invitational event of women's group
  • Exchange event for council members from both cities
  • Exchange event for the second founding members
  • Friendly mountain-climbing for public servants