Welcome to Shinan, The angel made the beautiful island SHINAN


We welcome the people of Shinan-gun, Shinan-born people and netizens for visiting the 1004 island, Shinan.

Shinan where the hope is welling up!
Jewel-like islands that will continue to show the beauty even after 1,000 years.
500 beaches and the endlessly stretched mud flats as big as half the size of Seoul City. A lot of local treats to enjoy throughout all four seasons and pristine landscape. Festivals, such as Tulip, skate, croaker, king shrimp, laver, hosted endlessly throughout the year
The homepage of our county will serve as a platform to provide various kinds of informations and the mediums of communication that can answer your questions and will listen to your opinions.
Get away from the busy life, and come to the healing island of Shinan that is always waiting for you with the sound of waves, the sound of winds, the sunset, and the morning fog!

We are cordially inviting you to Shinan.

Mayor, Koh Gilho