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Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival – we invite you to the festival of flowers where 3 million tulips bloom.


Welcome to our homepage of Shinan Tulip Festival.
Shinan county is composed of beautiful, small and big islands and blessed with so many beautiful places for tourists. Wherever your feet lead and whatever your eyes catch, everything is just amazing.

We are proud of various agricultural produces grown in the land sufficient with germanium and the warm sea breeze and Shinan sun-dried sea salt full of minerals produced in the clean area and they are the number one in Korea.

In particular, Imja-myeon is the main production place for salt-pickled shrimps and big green onions, has the national touristic spot, Daekwang beach, and is full of things to see, eat and enjoy.

Since Imja-myeon has fertile soil and abundant sunlight and sea breeze, it was selected as the proper production place for tulip bulbs by the Korean flower specialists and the tulips have been cultivated since 2001. Currently, the cultivation field is as big as 10ha, which is the largest field in the nation.

Shinan Tulip Festival had been held 5 times successfully until last year and it established its firm position as the number one flower festival in the country and we are very proud that we gained such confidence that we could do it.
We invite you to the festival of flowers with 3 million tulips.