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Croaker Festival

Croaker Festival

Croakers are known to be good food for preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, high-blood pressure, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, stroke, heart disease, etc. and the best food for the summer that helps to overcome the heat, enhance the energy of the bodily organs and strengthen the bones.

In addition, as written in Dongeuibogam "it is delicious and poisonless, and its air-bladder is called fish air-bladder (eopyo) and treats tetanus", croakers are the leading seafood for the summer that helps to improve the digestion ability of the ill, old and young.

Each year, Imja-island proud of its longest sand beach in the country (12km) holds 『Shinan Croaker Festival』. The festival in the golden sand beach with the seafood grown in the clean sea full of minerals and germanium has been established itself as the eco-friendly wellbeing festival where the nature and the people get together and become one.

The festival includes various programs such as hands-on experience events, croaker tasting, croaker surprise auction, etc. and the exhibition and the sales of agricultural and fishery products including the sun-dried sea salt are operated.