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Pomfret Festival


Shinan with islands beautiful like jewels and extensive mud flats that are breathing like living creatures! Pomfret festival is held annually in Songdo Consignment Market of Shinan Fishery Cooperation in Jido-eup, Shinan-county, the hometown of islands, full of the smell of sea and mud flats.

Pomfret is the best porduct of Shinan and loved by the whole nation. To taste Shinan pomfret, people from all over the country come to the pomfret festival every year. When visiting Shinan county during the festival period, everyone can enjoy the various kinds of pomfret dishes in reasonable prices.

So far, during the pomfret festivals, about 200,000 visitors has come and gone , and each year more visitors come. Now the pomfret festival has established itself as the luxurious food festival and the representative seafood festival activating the local economy.

The festival includes various programs including opening ceremony, making pomfret bibimbap, pomfret tasting, cooking contest with pomfret, music and dance performances, seafood surprise auction, and so on, providing tourists with opportunities to taste pomfret and experience what 1004 islands can offer.