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Daewa-hyeon, Bangeum-si, Yonyeong-provice, China

Daewa-hyeon, Bangeum-si, Yonyeong-provice, China

  • Exchange of letter of intent on favorable exchange: Dec. 11, 2003 (Shinan-gun)
  • Exchange of agreement on favorable exchange: Sept. 7, 2004 (Daewa-hyeon)

Progress Result

  • Dec. 2003: Head of Daewa-hyeon and 4 others visited Shinan-gun.
  • Sept. 2004: Shinan County Mayor and 9 others visited Daewa-hyeon.
  • Oct. 2004: Person in charge of Fishery Technology in Dept. of Maritime Fisheries, Shinan-gun and 2 others visited the aquatic cultivation complex in Daewa-hyeon.
  • Sept. 6 – 8, 2005: Head of Daewa-hyeon and 7 others visited the industrial sites (Hyundai Samho Heavy Industry & Gwangyang Steel Mill)
  • Nov. 17-22, 2005: Shinan County Mayor and 10 others visited Daewa-hyeon.


  • Friendly economic cooperation
  • Reinforcement of economic trades & cultural activities
  • Support of private sector's investment and trading activities
  • Mutual visits at least once a year
  • Holding a regular fair on investment/trade and a product exhibition
  • Calling a meeting on the information exchange once every 6 months
  • important occasions, send a congratulatory delegation or letter for congratulation.
  • Promotion of resource favorable policies through news media, Internet, trade activities, etc.


  • Location: Sosok-hyeon, Banguem-si, Yonyeong-province, it is located in the Southwest of Yonyeong-province and 15 km away from the center of Bangeum-si.
  • Size: 1,638 km²
  • Size: 1,638 km²
  • Climate: temperate monsoon climate, annual average temperature 8.6 ℃, annual average rainfall 646.6㎜
  • Resources: it is full of goasan resources including petroleum and natural gas and as natural resources, has Natural Reserve of Birds for crane, seagull, swan, etc.
  • Industry: petroleum, chemical industry, paper, machinery, light industry textile manufacturing, feed, construction materials, clothing, food, etc.
  • Agriculture: rice and wheat
  • Specialties: clam, Chinese crab, jellyfish king shrimp
  • Education: 1 secondary vocational school, 4 high/middle schools and 24 general middle schools