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Islands Tourism

4차 메뉴 정의
Insertion of Statement for Publicizing Shinan-gun
Shinan-gun, or Sinan County, is a county composed of about 1,000 large and small islands located at the southwestern end of our country. It is a place that has superb ecology resources, such as Hongdo Island which is Korea's natural monument number 170 with the outstanding natural beauty, Jangdo wetlands of Heuksando Island which was registered in Ramsar Convention, Jeungdo Island which is the first cittaslow in Asia, the most extensive mud flat in the country which contains germanium, and has a unique cultural heritage of islands and the delicacy of every season.
Especially, the Islands of Hongdo and Jeungdo, having respectively taken the first and the second ranking in proud array in the "100 Selected Tourist Attractions for Koreans" nominated by Korea Tourism Organization, made our County be spotlighted as the true center of eco-tourism in Korea, and the fresh food at each season, such as butterfish, croaker, Heuksan Island skate and blue crab, and a variety of attractions like the tulip festival with the theme of three million tulips are waiting for you. We hope you to experience a pleasant trip to this attractive Sinan that will cure your mind and body getting tired everyday and will give you a rest. Thank you.