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Aphae eup, an island where  people live in nostalgia

Aphae eup, Shinan-gun

Aphae eup, an island where people live in nostalgia

In the archipelago of the southwestern sea of Korea, Aphaedo is the closest island to Mokpo and since the building of a bridge between Aphae and Mokpo, buses have been running from Mokpo. There is a potted-plant park, SongGongsan Bonsai Park, in 25,000-pyeong land with potted-plant garden, ecological pond, forest shower area, wild flower garden, Shona sculpture, etc. that provide modern people living the busy lives with space and peace in the nature.

Potted Plant Park, Cheonsa Island

Potted Plant Park,
SongGongsan Bonsai Park

Dongseori Menhir

Dongseori Menhir

Aphae Pear

Aphae Pear

Aphae eup and the association of people from Aphae living in Seoul established a monument of Nohyangrim in the county library in Hakkyo-ri and it is the only monument in the island and became one of the prides of Aphaedo.

If passed by the place like any other touristic places, you might not recognize it. But if you have longing for the island and walk around here and there in Aphaedo, you will feel the unique sentiment that only Aphaedo can offer.

Aphae-island, the closest island to Mokpo in the archipelago in the southwestern sea of Korea, is very accessible to the land compared to any other islands in Shinan as metal cargo ships run very frequently like buses. However, since it is an island itself, it still has the unique sentiment that the land cannot offer. It faces eastward to Samhyang-myeon and Cheonggye-myeon of Muangun across the sea, westward to Amtae-myeon, southward to Hwawon-myeon of Hanamgun and northward to Jido eup. It is composed of small and big
78 islands with 7 inhabited islands and 71 uninhabited islands. The area is 63.9㎢ and the coastline is 190.2km.
There are many plain areas and gardening greenhouses providing abundant agricultural products. Korean Pears, apples, grapes, kiwifruits, and other fruits taste excellent and are exported. In fisheries, green algae aquaculture is the main business.

Aphae-island has many historic and cultural heritages. In Dochang village, Dongseo-ri, there is a big menhir with 4m in height and 3m in perimeter and its age is unknown. It is called as 'General Song's stick' or menhir.

In the old days, while general Song was practicing martial arts, one of his soldiers died and his body and weapon were placed in a stone coffin. It was said that to mark the location, the menhir was erected. In addition, according to a legend, Wang mountain fortress (Goi mountain fortress) in Goi-ri was built after Wanggeon founded Koryo in 918. However, according to the formal historical materials, it was estimated to be a castle from three-han era or post-three-state era before Koryo. The length of the remaining walls is 1,000m and most of them are collapsed. The height of Wang mountain fortress is 1.5m and the width is 3m and it was built by combining natural stones and rubbles. On top of Songgong mountain, there is a site estimated to be Songgong mountain fortress. In Garyong-ri, there is Geumsan temple, Shinan's traditional temple No. 50, built to disseminate Buddhism in 1904 by Hwaju Bae who found this place beautiful with nice scenery.

Aphaedo is located between so many islands of Shinan and Mokpo with lots of mudflats and troughs of the sea, so that things from mudflats are common and there are many good places for fishing. Especially, the frontal sea of Bokryong-ri (Narutgat) is a waterway that sea basses and mullets pass and a good place for fishing and the fish there searching for food in the fertile mud taste greater than those in any other places.

For seafood, there are octopus, yellow fin goby, oyster, cockle, green algae, ecklonia cava, Japanese ghost crab, sand crab, etc. and since they are from mud, they taste excellent. Also, due to the harmony of Aphae-island's ocher and climate conditions, Korean pears, grapes, sweet persimmons, water melons, etc. are very sweet and sweet potatoes, potatoes, garlics, kiwifruit, etc. are Aphae-island's specialties as well.

Specialties: Aphae pear (export to the U.S.), Aphae grape, sweet persimmon, ocher pig, indigenous pig, rock laver, tricycles octopus, prawn (Ohdori), mullet, etc.