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4차 메뉴 정의
Peasant Movement Memorial Hall, Haeui-3 Island

Haeuido-myeon, Shinan-gun

Stage of the 300-year old peasants' movement

Haeuido is named after Yeonhwabusu, the shape of lotus floating on the water. It is a historic island that held the movement of recapturing farmland for over 300 years. Also, it is a hometown of the big-tree, Indongcho, Dae-Jung Kim.

Birthplace of the former President Kim Dae-jung

Birthplace of the former
President Kim Dae-jung

Great Rock Face

Great Rock Face

Sindo Bathing Beach

Sindo Bathing Beach

IYeonhwabusu. The island has a shape of lotus floating on the water and became called 'Haeuido'. It is compsed of 9 inhabited islands and 47 uninhabited islands. The terrain mainly with hills made the securing of water for agriculture and drinking difficult. Main income comes from Sea salts and fisheries/aquaculture and Shindo and Daeyado have good sand fields and pine trees for being blessed beaches.

When approaching Ungkok harbor of Haeuido, people cannot even find fishing boats that are usually common in fishery towns but wide fields alone. Most of the villages in Haeuido are located at the foot of mountains. The entire island is covered with rice paddies & fields and it does not feel like an island. The people in Haeuido have been peasants from the old days and for them, the land has been the source of the life and the pride. However, the people of Haeuido have the 300-year bitter-grief history that is smeared with blood and tears for the land.

land and the county is currently thinking of building a Resistance memorial for the land of Haeuido. strife

Haeuido is a hometown of high-spirited Confucius scholar, Sir Choam Ryeon Kim. Sir Choam Ryeon Kim himself had a difficult living but still to teach disciples in the private academy, he collected as many as 2,000 books (manuscripts) by even travelling to China and Japan. To learn from Choam, thousands of disciples gathered from all areas of Naju and Shinan and to cherish the teacher's high spirit, they built Deokbong auditorium. Currently, Sir Choam's son, Mr. Chun-Bae Kim (born in 1912) manages it and the descendants have cared the books and held memorial ceremonies for 5 sages.

However, what comes to the mind first when thinking of 'Haeuido' is that it is 'a hometown of president Dae-Jung Kim'. It is an honor and such a pride that this small island of Shinan, Haeuido, produced the symbol of democracy and human rights and the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dae-Jung Kim. Just before the presidential election, so many domestic/overseas news reporters visited the island and these days, many tourists visit president Kim's birthplace. His birthplace remains only as a site and the house was restored in Hukwang-ri as 6-kan jeopjip in 748-pyeong land and 18-pyeong floor space in 60 years. To utilize the restored president Kim's birth house as touristic resources, the county prepared basic facilities including restrooms nearby to welcome the tourists.

Specialties: Indongcho, black goat, rock seaweed, crab, etc.